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Skilled Labour, Project Supervision and Engineered Access Solutions on a Karara Mining plant

Since August 2011, SMS Group Services have been re-awarded on three occasions a contract to provide complete scaffolding packages for the operation phase of a plant run by Karara Mining.

The SMS Group Services solution included:

  • Labour teams and supervision on an 8/6 roster
  • Supply of 260-500 tonnes of scaffolding equipment
  • Site vehicles
  • Confined space requirements.

Since 2015 SMS Group Services have also been contracted to supply Confined Space Management services to the plant during all planned shutdowns and emergency breakdowns, including the supply of supervisors and sentry staff.

The type and calibre of personnel SMS Group Services supplied includes scaffolders, supervisors, site managers, safety advisors, plus Confined Space Management personnel including supervisors and sentries. SMS Group Services typically have a permanent site-based staff onsite, plus 130 – 170 shutdown personnel resourced on an as-needed basis.

In the past five years delivering scaffolding and confined space services during the Karara Mine-site operations, SMS Group Services has successfully completed all planned and unplanned shutdowns with no resource or personnel shortfall, zero major health or safety incidents, and no equipment failure in any of our scaffolding structures or components.

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