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Over-sea access on the Garden Island Bridge project

When the Garden Island bridge was due for structural concrete repairs, Duratec chose to work with SMS Group Services. As it is a high-level bridge, construction teams required access where there was no access previously. The only access to the bridge was via water during construction, so manpower and equipment were delivered to the bridge leg via barges.

Efficient logistical planning was essential throughout. SMS Group Services provided access from the pedestrian bridge for the main scope of works. Access to the piers was formulated by way of lightweight aluminium in order to reduce the quantity of transfers from the shore to the bridge. This was a fully engineered in-house design to accommodate wave and wind action and to allow the scaffold to be wholly encapsulated. The design we supplied provided more efficient access to the bridge than other submissions – we crafted a lightweight solution that provided more working decks than other scaffold solutions in the suspended sections.

SMS Group Services overcame some key challenges during this process. Being that Garden Island is a defence facility and a main public waterway, we were unable to close the main bridge as it was the only access for defence personnel. The weather was also an issue due to high winds and tide, however, our methodology resulted in zero road closures within the schedule and the works were completed successfully.

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