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Conveyor Refurbishment, Access and Sentry Services at Esperance Port

SMS Group Services was contracted in early 2015 to conduct Conveyor Refurbishment works for EPA. This project had two major prerequisites – the limitations of the structure only allowed for a scaffold dead weight of 400kg per linear metre, and the structure had to be crane liftable due to time and weather constraints.

The SMS Group Services solution was to engineer a crane liftable alloy scaffold comprising of three sections specifically for the conveyor, which ran from 4 metres at ground level to 28 metres in height by 100 metres long. The sections were then joined in-situ to produce a 36m long access scaffold.

To make the engineering solution even more complex, the structure became deeper the higher it got. This was an interesting design challenge for a crane liftable scaffold that had to fit over the structure for the first time. SMS Group Services was able to complete the Conveyor Refurbishment works in two stages and ensure that the project was completed on-time and under budget despite its challenging nature.

We were also able to ensure that the scaffold weight was suitable for the structure limitations and bring a very challenging project in on time during difficult weather conditions.

We currently provide ongoing access and sentry services to the Esperance Port Authority, including around 15 scaffolders and supervisors on a rotating day and night shift at any given time. SMS Group Services also supply equipment and plant for EPA projects, including engineered alloy scaffolding equipment and site vehicles.

SMS Group Services has never failed to complete a project for EPA on-time and within budget. Our crane liftable design was highly effective and we’ve had zero health and safety incidents over the period!




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