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Access management on the restoration project for historic Dumas House

Over almost 50 years the heat, cold, wind and rain had deteriorated the exterior of historic Dumas House in its exposed position north of Kings Park. The materials had reached the end of their serviceable life and needed to be repaired or replaced. Duratec was awarded the contract to complete the repairs and SMS Group Services was subcontracted to supply and install the edge protection solutions prior to works commencing.

The client’s requirement was to provide edge protection without permanent fixing to the gutters on each floor of the structure so as not to compromise the waterproofing membrane. SMS Group Services advised Duratec the best way to achieve this was to fix a swivel plate to the underside of the soffit to enable the scaffold uprights to be adjusted accordingly. The uprights were adjustable in height enabling us to remove and insert back into the gutter as required.

The SMS Group Services safety management team assessed the project prior to commencement and advised that the client should amend its perimeter fencing location to provide a larger drop zone. We also recommended that due to the height of the structure and the adverse weather conditions all personnel would be required to hook on to static lines installed by SMS Group Services. We also supplied and erected a 45m high stairway to the top floor, but due to the existence of an underground plant room, a special design was needed in order to support the stairway. SMS designed and executed this with no issues.

Conscious that noise pollution would be an issue throughout the two-and-a-half-year duration of the project, SMS Group Services engineered the execution plan to accommodate set times in which our delivery teams could undertake loud works. This small amendment to our plan went a long way in satisfying the principal client’s needs.


The Dumas House facade and podium restoration was completed without any major obstacles or project shortfalls. SMS Group Services worked in harmony with contractors and the client to engineer safe, sustainable edge protection solutions for the restoration of an important cultural building.




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