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Experience in the job, puts perfection in the work.


We are always looking for experienced professionals to join our workforce.

If you are interested in building a career with SMS Group Services, visit our Careers page to view our current vacancies. 


We know the right person for the job. Our recruitment database gives us access to large groups of personnel at short notice. We currently have a pool of 400+ on-boarded SMS employees looking for employment.

SMS Group Services are your recommended trained labour specialists for all projects great and small. Whether you require skilled labour for industrial jobs, major mining projects, maintenance or commercial projects, we’ve got a specialist who is perfect for you. All our staff are knowledgeable, flexible and motivated to perform to the highest standards.

We have a pool of experienced managers who specialise in various aspects of industry. Once we have assessed the labour and equipment requirements for your job, we can assign a highly experienced manager with the skills and experience to deliver a successful project outcome.

We have access to a pool of inspectors who are equipped with broad-scale qualifications. Our inspectors work across a range of industries and can be embedded on-site for the duration of a project or make frequent visits to multiple sites in your portfolio.

Our database of supervisors are all highly capable industry veterans, and they’re all available to work across projects.

A leading hand is generally a qualified operator who takes on more responsibility within a team. While this is not exactly a supervisory job, it does require a ‘hands-on’ approach and the ability to lead by example.

Scaffolding is a critical part of many construction and civil sites. That’s why only qualified individuals should carry out this task. We have competent scaffolders on call, with the necessary experience to work professionally, efficiently and safely.

For labour and equipment that can be mobilised as part of a complete scaffold access management package, make SMS your preferred provider.

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