Working together, for the better.

Recognising the synergy between both companies’ commitment to safer working environments, SMS Group Services has partnered with HAKI to distribute HAKI Universal Scaffolding, Stair Tower and Weather Protection systems across Western Australia.

Combining the innovative cost, weight and labour-saving technology of HAKI systems with the strategic expertise and delivery knowhow of SMS Group Services, we offer our clients the best access management solutions.

Designed to prioritise safety, all HAKI scaffolding and access solutions use a unique hook-on and spring-locking catch system to eliminate the need for tools and hammering. SMS Group Services customers equally benefit from the speed and adaptability of HAKI systems.

Based on specific project requirements, HAKI offers tailored solutions that extend beyond the standard product range.

These solutions are ideal for more complex segments such as mining, industrial, oil and gas.

Avontus Software is an inter-continental, industry-leading scaffolding design software provider, trusted and utilised by around 80% of U.S. industrial access management companies. In 2019, we at SMS Group partnered with Avontus to improve the efficiency and user-friendliness of our scaffolding design systems, bringing the benefits of this new technology to our clients, here in Australia.

Thanks to our work with Avontus, we can now create complex scaffolding designs in a fraction of the time it would traditionally have taken. These designs can be shared with engineers and clients in real time, which means revisions can be made within an instant.

Since adopting Avontus Software, SMS has launched itself to the forefront of innovation in the scaffolding industry. When we partnered with Avontus, we became champions of the software – and today, we have an impenetrable working relationship that we plan to build upon in years to come.

EMICoL represents a cooperative cluster group of industries predominantly made up of small to medium businesses in the manufacturing, engineering, mining and fabrication sectors of industry.

The quality goods produced for their clients either individually or collaboratively is testament to the capability within the group.

The EMICoL cooperative is in place as a conduit between the needs of industry and the capabilities of its members. The formation of EMICoL serves to enrich the commercial capabilities of its members through building networks, seeking commercial opportunities, sharing resources, and developing EMICoL into a reputable and sought-after entity, working cooperatively to get the job done.

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