Our Approach

Thinking in 4D

Our 4Dimensional Approach

Seeing things in different dimensions, revolutionises how you perceive everything; including scale, cost, risk and quality. These are just some of the factors we prioritised when developing our 4Dimensional approach to how we deliver our service to our clients.

Scoping, planning and executing our client’s projects in a more thoughtful way to our competitors has allowed us to see each project we undertake in a different way.


Knowledge is the key to success.

SMS develops a full understanding of what our client’s requirements are and derive where they would like to be. We look at our client’s history and goals, then we combine it with our knowledge and experience to gain a better picture of the project. Research and evaluation of this information is key to the process.

Correct diagnosis is central to avoiding prolonged suffering.

Using all the information gathered, SMS will combine our client’s goals and objectives to create customised solutions to help them to find the right fit for their projects. Part of this diagnosis could include a requirement at the design stage for 3D Modelling. This software enables clients to ‘walk through’ a virtual scaffold.

Good design stands out, great design fits in.

SMS works closely with our clients to design bespoke solutions that will accommodate all of their access requirements safely, efficiently and cost effectively. We do this to help ensure that our clients are comfortable with our approach and are confident in our implementation strategy.

Always deliver more than you promised.

Our skilled delivery team are experts in bringing projects in on time and on budget. With over 75 years combined experience in project delivery, engineered access solutions and quality assurance, our team are able to see most issues before they arise and mitigate the impact on project delivery.

We monitor and review the implemented solutions against the agreed upon goals, and we continually try to find better ways of doing things for our clients.

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